Wednesday, May 23, 2007

you, the reader

i feel like i want to post something but i don't know what. maybe it is time for a poll. what would you like more of on this here blog? more pictures of trees? more canadiana? information about what i'm studying? essay excerpts? a vid of the dog?

VTA and i have been touristing pretty hard. we have gone to granville island, down main st in the pouring rain and a bit around kits, investigating masses of fancy clothes shops and nice veg restaurants. last night she came up to the drive with her new swedish friend and we had expensive drinks til 11.15pm, which is last call in vancouver.

i have been showing off the mountains something chronic. i love those mountains. there's just a little snow left on the closest ones.

i have been doing a little study, not nearly enough, and the usual coffee-drinking, bike-riding other things. our household went for sushi last night and was very silly. i like living with humans.

j makes fun of the way i say "aunt" and "kant", so i am thinking of renaming myself auntie kant.


Tuchfrau said...

Hi Aunty Kant, Tis better than aunty Can't, and not quite as good as anti cant.
Dunno what to say at this point on your reader poll. Oh, wait, look, here come the thoughts....
How about pics of your new house, info about your new house/household/housemates, (excuse me if I have missed this I will look for it.), then of course what are you studying, what's it like, what's your supervisor like, which paper are you shaping up for publicaiton, how are the plans for the future coming, are you still coming to London, if so when, what about that MLA conference and the roadtrip accross Canada... is that enough to be going on with? Maybe you should just send me an email?

Anonymous said...

right on, tf - i'd like all of the above

btw, have you posted yourself lately, tf? I'll go and have a look right now


Anonymous said...

no ...

oh well, i'll just continue on with my dull existence, unenlivened by fabulous news from os


itchy said...

more random chattiness about whatever you feel like, and lots and lots of photos.

that's what i want.

and games, and competitions with prizes!!!!!

Anonymous said...

real MONEY prizes!

Gauri said...

auntie kant i want a vid of the dog ! more vid i say. and more teaparties ! or similar.

HF said...

She doesn't send the prizes - she just makes up these mythical prizes to keep us reading. I haven't recieved promised rose petals - everyday I run home from work to check my mail and guess what? No petals....

I vote for a vid of the dog.


gtg said...

tuchfrau - um, yes. i'll get onto that. watch yr inbox like a hawk.

g - yes, i agree. hop to it, tofu!

itchy - don't want much, do ya? i will only send prizes in canadian money. the quarters have mooses on them! maybe i should set you actual problems i have, like which parts of my women's studies essay should i jetison for this revision? and is australian nationalism essentially nostaligic, or is that a gross simplification? and does the information about the term "un-australian" belong in the body of the essay or an endnote? or should i just cut it altogether?

gtg said...

gauroxen - i took a vid of the dog but it's not very exciting. he yawned and then i rubbed his belly. maybe i should swap for a more exciting dog when j (his owner) is away. like lassi or something.

HF - *blows raspberry*

check yr mailbox. or, um, that cardboard box at the bottom of the stairs.

love aunty kant

Anonymous said...

I got petals. Vert pretty pink ones from the streets of Van. I'm special, oh so special!

HF said...

I owe you a big apology Lino! I'm really sorry for the public slaging of your competitions and their lack of prizes. May I say here for the record, on the big world wide web - Aunty Kanty delivers! Not only did I get pressed flowers but also a bumper letter and Australian themed card! Will send a card from Norway to try and make up for it. lots of love, HF

aunty kant said...

thankyou, HF! gosh, the post to england is quick. i only sent that a few days ago.

glad you liked the petals, and you too, bbb. missymojay said hers were smelly - yours?

Anonymous said...

No smell, unfortunately, just faded pinkness that was immediately identifiable from the blog photos.

aunty kant said...

oh well. you can spray them with perfume and pretend.

ps. HF - do remember i have a new address now. it's on the back of your letter. ta!