Sunday, May 13, 2007

wacky americans

look what i found in the front of "the indian in the cupboard":

"there are some british words in this book that may puzzle you. here's a list with their american meanings."

i think it's hilar. i also recently read the american version of "the sorcerer's stone", which is translated throughout: ron's mom knits sweaters and harry eats candy. the canadian editions of HP are the original versions except they are printed on ancient-forest-free paper and have a little note at the front from j.k.rowling about how it's bad to chop down forests, even muggle ones.

ah, stereotypes. . .


Anonymous said...

Hey, as visitor no 3085 do i win a prize?


gtg said...

yes! here is your complimentary set of steak knifes!

Anonymous said...

heard shane maloney talking about the US translation of his latest Murray Whelan book

"scratched me duco with a two-bob bit"
'made a mark on my duco with a coin'

he felt the sentence lost something.

said he held out for 'footpath' rather than 'sidewalk', and some others, but had to give way where it was obvious the poor yanks just wouldn't get it


itchy fingers said...

*sniggers a little in the knowledge that we are more au fait with differing colloquialisms than the rulers of the universe.*

however, what is so difficult to comprehend about the verb 'scratch'? idiots.

gtg said...

the americans on my elist are always complaining about being treated like cretins by their government.

it's a self-supporting system, though. how will you ever understand other englishes if you never read them?

it's been interesting comparing ppl's ability/willingness to understand my language here. i find it's mostly people who have a british grandma/sth african father/ friend from new zealand who don't need me to translate all the time.

*looks meaningful*

Anonymous said...

red symons was talking to a woman from missouri who is running a testicle eating festival (don't ask)

several times she just couldn't understand what he was saying, so he had to simplify and talk slowly - and his accent is not that strong, being a Pom and all