Friday, March 16, 2007


going through an apathy phase. i finally did a month's worth of laundry thismorning and now i will have clean socks. a major achievement. spending lots of time with the gang here, and also the virtual gang, so that's good.

i tried something a little experimental in my tutorials this week, and i think it worked. that was satisfying. we have moved to the complicated version of the name game, where one must introduce a random person round the room, then they introduce someone else, etc. always intereseting to see who's left til last. i got them to say what the last thing they'd watched on "you tube" was and got some funny answers. the young people actually seem to be using it as a way of connecting. they're watching bands of their friends back in ontario or whatever.

had a fascinating, challenging women's studies class on wednesday. first tears! (not mine). we were talking about _this bridge we call home_ and one of the women of colour was telling us about her personal, transformative response to the text (which was so lovely to hear) and i got grilled on mine as a white person. it was confronting but also kinda cool. we only have two (three?) weeks more of class, which is good cos i won't have to make lesson plans anymore, but i'm going to miss my own courses. 'cept every seminar nowadays starts with a reminder that our major essays are due in a month. don't wanna.

nice package from the parental unit, including a *signed* copy of susan's new book:
it is set in ballarat, which was very exciting, and is all time-travelly and cool.


grot said...

did you look at the thank yous inside the front cover?

i'll show susan this at work

gtg said...

i did notice a certain famous name. . .