Tuesday, March 13, 2007


now it's snowing again. this is a strange place to live.
had my last french test last night. it went well. though i got busted in the lift talking to j about how i don't can't tell the tenses apart. my french teacher was in the lift too. whoops. he opened the lesson with a recap of tenses. it didn't help much though, cos french has like sixteen million different tenses. they have different ones for something that happened a little while ago and something that happened ages ago. bah.

then he gave us all french newspapers to read, which is totally cool. mine has a picture of a nasal ornament on the front page.

have been at more marking parties and another birthday gathering (for the same birthday). a lot of reading to catch up on. i thought there was something else i wanted to write about, but it escapes me.


JT and Helen said...

Je suis sur que tu regard seulement les photographies, n'est-ce pas!!!
Peut-etre que je peux remitter Le Border Mail. C'est tres interessant (and crap1).
Tu es tres fort en francais (and so are we with our french dictionary!!!)

gtg said...

uh, merci?

le border mail est interessant? eh? c'est tres partial!

grot said...

le neige est très jolie

(written without a dictionary!)

ps i reckon the reason i am having so much trouble with repeated comments is because i haven't changed my ersatz blog over to the new system, so this system doesn't recognise me as a blogger no more

grot said...
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