Sunday, March 11, 2007


i went to the potluck. it was fun. good food, nice wine, interesting people. lots of expats at these things, from all over the world, and lots of hippy alternative types. turns out it was a *with* electricity party, which was good cos it's cold, but had become a seed-swap instead. (i like these parties. i went to a birthday party come potluck come clothes swap a couple of weeks ago). i had to admit to a range of hardcore vegan organic vegie-garden owners that my gardening involves tending a spider plant and a cylcamen. *blushes*

still soggy and miserable outside. i'm going to stay inside today and have a bath.
i have rediscovered the joys of narrative. it's taken me this long to realise that i wasn't taking a course that requires reading a novel a week and this means i'm story starved. so in the last week i have read:

children of england - alison weir
city of glass (not strictly a narrative, but like one) - douglas coupland
diary of a provincial lady - e.m. delafield
anasi's boys - neil gaiman
dracula - bram stoker

it's allll goood.

the time seems to have changed again (what is with daylight savings?) so i'm an hour ahead. has australia changed too? i am so confused.


JT said...

No Oz hasn't finished daylight saving yet. It will end on 31st March. then I will fall into a state of depression until it starts again!!!
I hear currawongs and it is getting cold in the mornings, so autumn has definitely started. Though it was 35 yesterday!!
Tis a public holiday here, but I had to come to work and deal with printing problems, copy card problems and first year students! Pity I've given up drinking for Lent!!!!! (Do you think a tiny sip would matter???)

gtg said...

you should come visit me! spring is just getting started! or i'm sure it will start any day now. . .

35 is not autumn. tisk.

good luck with the freshers. god won't mind if you have a little bit of bubbly. . .

grot said...

while JT is pretending to be holy (i know what she really thinks about nanny), bbb adn i have been off at the fabulous pfff, and have arrived home on the usual high

were privileged to have bbb-snaffled 3rd row seats in Tent 3, so saw at close range Eric Bibb feeding his creative soul on the adoration of 3,000 people. He did a fabuluous ( have no suitable superlatives) set with his new bass player. The second last song he did was THE most moving, intense live performance I have ever witnessed.

So! Steve became an instant EB convert - not sure about the others .

Lunasa as wonderful as ever. Look out for Laura Love, afro-american young woman singing about her family's journey from slavery.

grot said...

also enjoyed the Mammals, young appalachian group singing anti-bush songs in a blue-grassy way

also Banditaliano, italian group playing complex jazzy stuff

ran into lizard-owning former housemate of yours, there with his parents. THe lounge suite is awaiting hard rubbish collection.

gtg said...

you're throwing out my couch? that's a family heirloom! right - i get the piano.

glad you had such a fabulon time at fork fairy. sounds great. will look out for said artists.

grot said...

found out laura love is about 45 - she just looks young