Saturday, March 17, 2007

due to popular demand

another episode in middle english! this one is smutty. if you think it's a dirty joke it probably is. a bit more chaucer - lines 583-626 of the wife of bath's prologue - and then a bonus reading of "let's get a pup!" by bob graham. which is not smutty. it cuts off kinda sudden at the end. i think the camera was unhappy.



grot said...

bbb is chainsawing outside, but what i can hear sounds good

also good hair

nanny would like it if you rang for her 84 b'day - today, 18 March


gtg said...

did you like the PB?

it is a little quiet this time. difficult to get the tech details right when you're filming yourself.

ta re. hair. i agree.

will call.

gtg said...

heh. i am *so* the favourite grandchild. (don't tell her you reminded me, wot)

itchy fingers said...

you are my favourite.

even more favourite than any favourite that may come after you.

p.s the house is all empty and strange. come comfort me!

Gauri said...

you're hot in that lit grad student way. when did that happen, eh ?

gtg said...

aw, thanks itchy. you're my favourite grandchild too.

will appear on doorstep um, seven o'clock? please have coffee from a minor place and pizza from i carusi waiting.


gtg said...


i love how no matter what i put up on here you tell me i'm hot. it's like having a compliment machine. (i have asthma too!)

i think it happened about 18 months ago.

love me

grot said...

i have asthma too

how 'bout you put birthday in diary, so no need reminder

(don't know why me speak dat way - ventolin, me guesses)

Anonymous said...

hey also I think that the hair is looking really funky - lots of product to mak eit stick up so well?


gtg said...


yes, new product, called "got2B glued". so funky i can barely see over my own pelvis, i know. . .

i'm thinking i will get the short bits trimmed soon, but leave the long bits long. what do you think?

tine said...

BAH! BAH to long bits on short hair, i say!


... sorry. went to kings last night. i hate lesbians.

gtg said...

but you don't hate me, cos i'm *fabulous*!