Friday, March 23, 2007

bloody miserable weather

RainFall Warning issued by Enviroment Canada:

50 to 80 mm of rain is expected for the Greater Vancouver area and Howe Sound by Saturday morning.

on the other hand - new hair! see, the problem with this blogging business is now you all know how shallow i really am. . .

not much news. studying a lot, have some new ideas for my essays, trying to plan my hols and my housing and my final paper and my subjects for next semester. enjoying the studying!


Anonymous said...

we want some rain. our dam is dry and the yabbies have either died or been eaten by the birds.

Finally with a link via G I can blog! I have a lot of reading to catch up on and I also get to see photos of G&B in port f.

A is here too so here she is. love xxx MK

thanks for the postcard i liked the bears. i am having piano lessons
and mum is playing jolly old saint nicholas. i am on my second book.

were going to nannys at easter. i hope we see you soon. gotta vote.
love ak xoxoxxooxoxo

OK - dear L thankyou for sending me the postcard. School is good. I can't wait to change classes cause the work i do now is too easy. I am learning to handwrite and read and I even like the library books. Miss Graham is a cross lady because
we always go into kinder blue and kinder yellow come too and she always puts people in time out. my teacher Mrs Willis is really really nice. I am supposed to have Mrs Power but she had a baby and she will be back after easter. kiss, kiss cuddle OK.

canot remember my password so will be anonymous. xxx

tine said...

oooooh! HOTT hair! do i spy a little tufty tendril thingy on one side?? (not so much a fan of the tufty tendril over the ear thing that certain lesbians seem to be sporting these days ... *ahem*)

and you've changed the layout of the blog! pretty!

it's pretty miserable here today too, actually. was raining yesterday arvo and last night, and rained against today, and the sky's still a little gloomy, though the sun has come out just now.

tine said...

oh, you might also want to have a look at - it's the umsu educ academic dept's blog on the effects of growing esteem. latest entry is on what's happening to creative arts and sca students. depress-o.

gtg said...

hi mk,

sorry so long to respond! i've had essays and then the inty was down and blah blah so slack.

great to hear from you all! good to see you on the interweb - welcome! do comment and let me know you're there, and if you want send me pics to post.

sorry to hear about your lack of rain. that's scary about the dam. winter now, though. you should come here - masses of rain. i have a theory that vancouver is actually a big puddle disguised as a city. haha.

dear ak,
hello! glad you liked the postcard. the bears were cute, weren't they?

your piano lessons sound great! hope you're enjoying them. i look forward to hearing you play some day.

have fun at nanny's house - have you let the easter bunny know you'll be there? i'm sure he'll find you anyway.

give nanny a big kiss for me!

love l xoxo

dear ok,

it was a pleasure to send you a postcard!

it sounds like you're having lots of fun at school. you're very clever to learn handwriting and reading! i like library books too. i have lots and lots of them borrowed at the moment.

sorry to hear miss graham is cross, but mrs willis sounds nice, so that's okay. will you get to see mrs power's baby?

give my love to smithy.

love lian xoxoxo

gtg said...


i have *fabulous* bad lesbian hair, thankyou very much! it's not a tendril, it's a whole asymetrical bob thing goin' on. at the back one side is longer than the other. so. hip.

ta. re. blog. though all the sca stuff was happening when i was there, which was, what, three years ago? remember there weren't enough sculpture subjects so i did a couple of painting and drawing ones.

it's nice to see politically involved stuff happening, even though the uni is screwy.