Saturday, March 10, 2007

over the weekend - a everyday photo essay

the weather is soggy and depressing today. i too am soggy and depressed. well, not depressed exactly, just a bit *blah*. so, after a nice skype to tuchfrau (get well soon, babe) i dodged the piles of marking and reading and laundry all looking reproachfully at me and went to the drive. it was bucketing down, which is unusual. this is one of my favourite quotes about the rain here:

"Today, the rain is steady, clinging to the buildings, tipping down the leaves of the trees. In Vancouver, there are many varieties of rain, but the most common, he believes, is the kind that tries to convince you it isn't there, the kind that is so thin it makes the windshield wipers squeak."

but today it was bucketing so i had a looooooong lunch in a nice thai place (hoping it would stop) and watched everybody walking by in raincoats and big hats and gumboots and plastic pants and small children in shrink-wrapped strollers. (the black box down the bottom is a newspaper vending machine thing - they're on most street corners):

then i did my grocery shopping in my favourite little funky alternative supermarket. it has lots of stuff in bulk and a good range of ethnic foodstuffs.

milk in nice square bottles:

entertaining bananas (quoc is the owner) and onions by the lb:

then, loaded up with good things, i staggered over to the skytrain station and went home. on the train:

now i am dry and caffeinated and will start studying soon. i'm supposed to be going to a no-electricity pot-luck tonight (bring a dish to share and a candle) but i'm not sure if i can be bothered braving the weather again. also i have been having a succession of bad hair days:

my new hair gunk is supposed to be water-resistant, but i don't think it's up to the job.

french homework. yes. and feminist pedagogy reader. maybe more chaucer. go!


grot said...

you are such a geek!

grot said...
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grot said...
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gtg said...

oy! don't insult me in multiple!

JT said...

If you were MY daughter, I would tell you how beautiful you look, despite the non-functioning product!!!!

gtg said...

thanks, jt. i think you're allowed to say that in an aunt capacity.