Tuesday, March 06, 2007

miners' sing-a-long!

"Hard rock Miners' Sing-a-long!! - the boozy, ultra-fun, campfire-type sing-a-long you all know and love."

wheeeee! for m's b'day party last night we all went to the railway club to this sing-a-long. it was fantabulous. there was a little band (six guitars, a bango, a bass, a drum and a sax) and about sixteen million people crammed into the little bar. we all had books of words and everybody sang along with the band. it was intensely loud. it's like reverse karaoke, and a lot more fun. songs included "blister in the sun", lots of johnny cash (which reminded me of the time j and i played him at work to scare off the customers), some rolling stones, "summer nights" (from grease) and "these boots were made for walking".

the night was being filmed by cbc, so if i turn up on the telly waving a beer mug and belting out accadacca don't be surprised.

woke up a bit the worse for wear (probably shouldn't have stayed up til 2am reading colm toibin), which was not so good cos i had my teaching observation today, but i recycled a lesson plan from last semester and it actually went really well. i feel like i'm achieving stuff with my tuesday group, and they all *talk*, which is great.

it was balmy and warm today, which kinda threw me. i'd forgotten. when i say "warm" i mean 10-12 degrees, but there was this lovely little breeze and ooo, it might be spring.

about **** time.


gauri said...

my mummy says your middle english accent is v.g.

gauri said...

pronunciation, wot. not accent.

gtg said...

does yr mummy know middle eng? that's cool!

glad she enjoyed. and hi, if you're reading!