Saturday, March 24, 2007

fog and rain

everything i read nowadays has beheading in it. occasionally it's varied by people disemboweling animals instead. why me?


MM said...

Hello Lian
Love the new hair do! Pleased all well, sounds like you are still having fun study wise though the reading matter does sound a bit gory?! Its great the women's studies is so interesting, good choice then. I've been in Madrid and Lisbon this week with work. Lisbon is really a cool place. The architecture is interesting and painted bright colours and many of the buildings are covered in patterned tiles. A hilly city situated on a river mouth, the river and the sea are a large focus. The is sky really blue and big and it was sunny and warm. Of course there was great wealth in Portugal (with the trade routes with India, Africa and Brazil) and this is much in evidence in the ornate buildings. The Moors originally had Lisbon and we visted what remains of their castle on top of one of the hills. Have sent you a post card and also one to Page st. Thanks for your lovely card - its a hoot!
Love M

Tuchfrau said...

Surely the question is, why the victims of the disembowellings and beheadings, rather than why gtg?

gtg said...

hello mm,

how come you get a pseudonym and i don't?

yay for new hair! how is yr hair? do you remember the talkative hairdresser at chainsaw massacre? she was in "the age" being quoted about shaving girls heads. grot says she (the hairdresser) was very pleased with herself.

yes, still having fun studywise, though end of semester, blah blah.

madrid and lisbon sound fabulous, what fun! i'd love to see photos if we could arrange it. glad you're travelling and seeing fab things.

looking forward to postcard. great card, huh? let me know if you need another, so you can each wear a badge! too many wedding cards is never enough!

good to hear from you.

love gtg

gtg said...


i was going to say that it was okay for *them*, cos they were all fictional, but one of the things i was reading was a book on henry VIII, and they weren't fictional at all.

so, yes, i agree. hmph.