Monday, March 05, 2007

i am a bit dull really

i have been at marking parties, which is when a bunch of friends sit quietly in a room together and mark or read or write, and consume a lot of chocolate and coffee. it's fun, in a geeky kind of way, and we can compare university offers/plans in between essays. then we watched a lot of buffy.

i have no other news. i seem to be on top of my work. a discomforting feeling, cos i'm sure that means i've missed something. i've done most of my medieval reading for wed, i've done most of my feminist theory reading even though we don't have class this week, i've done half of my marking, i've done all my study for french this evening, i have almost finished my progress report due today, and i've made forays into the other stuff i'm working on: research re. phds, gre prep, knee rehabilation, chasing up that article i sent out, planning final essays, lesson plan for tuesday. hmmm. i'm sure something is waiting to bite me on the bum.


tine said...

well, hellooo my busy little bunny. what a LOT of work you've done! it's 8pm right now, just got home from work (both jobs), and am trying to find energy to do tute readings for first gender and pol in s.e. asia tomorrow. my lecturer and tutor for the course are both filipino! score! sorry to hear bout the bum knee. here's an exciting story to make you feel better ...

tine said...

i was heading into uni after getting shrunk yesterday, and i had to wait 20 minutes at dennis station for the flinders st train. i went to sit down at a random bench, feeling tired already even though i still had the rest of the day to get through, and i looked down at the bench ... and there, scrawled in oh-so-familiar green ink, were the words 'PROVE YOU EXIST' !!! then the next day (today), ez was also at dennis stn, sat on the same bench, and saw it too! you're EVERYWHERE!

gtg said...

i hate you.

hope all the working and wotnot is going okay. how was the rest of o-week? keep me up to date with the gender and pol class - sounds interesting. i have a filipina student this semester. she doesn't turn up very often cos she works graveyard shifts to support herself. argh.

we start feminist pedagogy next week in my femtheory course.

gtg said...

dude, i was so ready to deny that (wheretf is dennis station???) but then i looked it up. huh. guess i repressed that household.

i am *everywhere*! everywhere that is one train bench.

glad to hear you are
a) being shrunk
b) enjoying my legacy

MM said...

Hello tine and gtg
Glad to hear you survived your Manic Monday tine. Hope we didn't keep you up too late. Pleased you are up to date with work gtg, doesn't sound like its a happy feeling though!? I have a cold though I think its on its way out, its been a week now and I'm ictchy to go out, see people, have a life...I was given a free month at gym for March as a gift and haven't managed to get there - it seems such a waste.
My cuzie is coming to London for the weekend, which is exciting, I last saw her over a year ago. She is staying with D beacuse as you know we don't really have space for house guests except really really special ones! Spring has sprung well and truely now and it was light when I left work tonight. Hurrah!
Your singalong thing sounded really cool gtg - wish I'd been there.

gtg said...

oh hf, are you crook again? that's no fun. that's very exciting about the cuz. i may have an exciting visitor too - in may.

i have no news that's not on the rest of the blog. i've run out of clean clothes, which is a bit of a bugger. but i'm going to a no-electricity party on saturday. everyone brings a candle. eeee!

good to see you round.