Saturday, March 03, 2007

my inner gimp

i have embraced my inner gimp, and bonded with the other grad gimps. we're cranky cos we have injuries caused by too much sitting still and reading, which is not an thrilling story to impress people. i did aqua-therapy the other day - put on a float belt thing and strolled up and down the diving pool, very regally, watching the snow drift down outside. i am much improved and can walk n stuff.

had a touching moment with a student with whom i have been having conflict, which has made me all "the children are our future!" i have also been reading slabs of "the chronicle of higher education", which always makes one feel better about teaching and marking and department politics. also been researching lots of different universities. i've found some very exciting english/women's studies phd programs in michigan, minnesota, vancouver and california. where *do* i want to live?

why, yes, i have been procrastinating like a demon. how did you know?

we have been discussing masculinity in my feminist theory class, which has been interesting. the prof kept asking us why we were so indifferent and we kept saying "meh".

the snow has gone away, and we're back to fog and rain, but it's not so cold anymore. i think that was probably winter's last gasp. thirteenth month of autumn/winter and counting!


missymojay said...

yikes - 13 months of winter! i know it does seem long, but...

on the "where do I want to live" question, I vote Vancouver so that I can come and visit you, or at least "not Minnesota".

gtg said...

the end is in sight! there is rain forecast for every day this week, which means no snow! did you do something similar when you were here?

why not minnesota? everyone is down on it! i mean, *canadians* whinging about the cold! wimps.

thankyou for your comment. every vote is important.