Sunday, June 10, 2007


i have recently become fascinated by the big soggy vancouver sky. this is at "the real canadian superstore", a truly terrifying place. i recommend clicking on the photo to appreciate the scale.

plans for today include finding my bedroom floor, maybe even vacuuming it once unearthed, buying groceries and washing every tshirt i own.

tomorrow i begin to catch up on the study i haven't done in the last, um, four weeks . . .


Anonymous said...

We've just had a mowbray themed day (it's okay, stop shuddering Aunt and Itchy). Saw Danny Spooner with the Aust Chamber Orch - was very good, actually. Thoughtfully chosen and presented program. Then on the way out bumped into Nigel and Angie H, so went to Blue Train and reminsced.

Going to Phil and O for lunch now, with Judy.

Hi Phil!!! Go Cats , top of the ladder, no less! Better book those Grand Final seats.


aunty kant said...

hi bbb,

good to hear you've been networking. can't remember who nigel and angie are.

how was lunch? why is nanny in melb?