Sunday, June 24, 2007

who's a lucky girl?

lots of cheese from VTA in Hallifax:

cassandra's postcard from Young got forwarded! huzzah!

thanks, you two!

today, i think, shall be dedicated to procrastination. i'm supposed to have a draft of my major paper by this week. hmmm.

i'm reworking my women's studies paper about "home" and the way the concept is used in identity politics, using this bridge we call home as a focus text. the essay is mainly on race and ethnicity, as migrant and diaspora politics feature in arguments about home. there's also lots of feminism, a bit of trans-theory and lots of queer-inflected pomo theory. i tell my story and bang on about australian nationalism. if you're good (and the essay becomes good) i'll post some extracts later. i got a respectable mark on the original paper, but the comments from my supervisors since imply it is an essay with potential that needs a lot of work to realise said potential. at the moment i think i'm trying to talk about too much stuff, always my problem in essay writing. i need to pick the most important ideas and do them properly.

now all i gotta do is do that. now. . . aaaaaaaa, now! . . . now!

i wonder if my hairdresser has any appointments free?

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