Thursday, June 07, 2007

VTA, fuzzy to the last

VTA come back! the house is empty without you! (yet strangely full. . . ) you have missed many highjinks.

and me? busy! stressed! having a wow of a time.


Anonymous said...

what high jinks?? what have I missed out on?!! don't tell me that... :(
anyway, some good news, aside from the fact that quebec city is lovely. my friends kath and chalkie are going to ski whistler in january, and they plan to spend a week in vancouver afterwards!! so I WILL be there! ha!

Anonymous said...

can you update your blog already?


Anonymous said...

all those anonymouses are not me

i NEVER complain


ps when will you put up His Highness?

itchy fingers said...


can you please email me your new postal address. it's in your best interests to do so promptly, wink wink.

Tuchfrau said...

Hi AK,
I've just caught up on everything since the reader poll. Exciting happenings. Critical mass sounds excellent. Watching my inbox like a hawk doesn't seem to be having any effect...sigh. Not that I can claim to be a great correspondent. Shall go and remedy this now.

aunty kant said...


i will email now (sorry so slow - you know whatall has been happening) and tell about the highjinks.

glad quebec is lovely - how is fredricktown?

woooooooot! see ya in january then! bring yr thermals, babe. . .

talk soon.

aunty kant

dear anon,

piss off!

love aunty kant


good to hear it. his highness will go up shortly. thankyou for the pics.

aunty kant (can i be yr aunt? that is a bit odd, surely?)


i emailed you my addy like sixteen years ago, remember? check yr archives and give me a bell if you can't find it.

i wait with bated breath.

love aunty kant

tuchfrau! you exist!

yes, very exciting happenings. did you see the bear? we saw a bear!!!

there must be a critical mass in london. you should check it out - i think it would be yr style.

thankyou for fabulon email. will reply.

love aunty kant

Anonymous said...

small details, but it should be His Holiness, I realised, and the heading should be "gerberas and prayer flags", tho 'poppies and prayer flags' has more of a ring


itchy fingers said...

that was just the english dept address, not your new real one. but if you don't want yr present, fine.