Monday, June 11, 2007

new age country music themed

i've been reading lots of other people's blogs recently and feel pressured to write something, y'know, cohesive and witty. or maybe cohesive and meaningful. let's look at another photo of the sky til the pressure goes away. . .
there's mountains up the back there, but hidden by cloud.

some sort of catchup is in order. VTA has left me for the green pastures of eastern canada, but vancouver did its work on her, so we'll meet again soon. we spent her last week drinking a lot, if i remember rightly. she met most of my friend-types - lucky her!

VTA left me with a wonderful legacy - half the pair of trousers i have been lusting after for months. so cool! i went and bought the other half immediately, wore them constantly for three days and got many compliments. you can't see in this pic, but there's a funky pocket/fastening on the side there with matching material in. (i was planning to crop the photo, but i think it's entertaining to have the context. my room is much cleaner now, and not festooned with dirty hankies.) lubs on new dacs!
VTA also got me all reved up about the upcoming election - howard's goin' down! i must organise my postal vote so i can be part of this historic moment. i was threatening an election party (for those ppl here nice enough to pretend they care, like winifred) but VTA pointed out that it'd be decided at 3am local time. . . pray for rain, indeed!

the day before VTA left eleanor arrived and plunged us all into chaos for a week. (i had a request to go back to the nicknames, silly as they are.) we had potlucks and dinners and drinkies and coffees and parties. then, with one last burst of "save a horse, ride a cowboy," she left again, for good this time. i cried, winifred cried, even p, our punkrocker friend, cried, which was unexpected. i have decided the human condition is dumb.

we have been inundated with parents, siblings and cousins, mostly cos of the recent graduation ceremonies. other people's families are fascinating. now they've all left (with one persistent exception) and my friends have scattered themselves around north america for the next week or so: portland, alaska, seattle, nanimo, edmonton, the sunshine coast. . .

that's about it in social news, catching-up news. i'll tell you about my academic stuff next time. lots of good books happening.

i will leave you with the wise words of carrie underwood, whose tune "before he cheats" i heard three times a day while eleanor was here (youtube the vid - v. entertaining). it's so meaningful it hurts.
right now he's probably slow dancing with a bleach blonde tramp and she's probably getting frisky
right now he's probably buying her some fruity little drink cause she can't shoot whiskey
right now he's probably up behind her with a pool stick, showing her how to shoot a combo

and he don't know

that i dug my key into the side of his pretty little souped up 4 wheel drive
carved my name into his leather seats
i took a louisville slugger to both headlights
slashed a hole in all four tyres

maybe next time he'll think before he cheats


Anonymous said...

thanks for that info - will go off and digest it

speaking of which, am afraid the chicken i've used in tonight's curry is a bit suss, so if you dont' hear from us tomorrow, email help

busy marking essays and begging for MCW extensions - supervisor has left me to my own devices on this matter, after promising muchly



Tuchfrau said...

How'd VTA leave you half a pair of pants? Why am I the only person asking?

Tuchfrau said...

Still watcing my inbox...
All I have is mailing lists: Barbican, Ezyjet, Department for Education and Skills, Royal Opera House, Women's Circus, HACJobs, ESL Employment. Send me your news, or I might be forced to read some of these!

itchy said...

I'vegot a big box of dead flowers to forward to you.
can you pretty please send me your address? they're strating to smell. . .

itchy said...

ahem. please ignore all those spelling mistakes. it's the fumes. . .

aunty kant said...


are you okay? do you want me to email for an ambulance? tisk. never should have left you to look after yourselves. . .

bad supervisor. doesn't he have to fill in a bit saying why you need it? who judges whether or not you get it? and why aren't you just rolling it over into a phd?

i saw my supervisor yesterday, sort of accidently. we had a nice chat.

how is thesis?


aunty kant said...


you're the only one who reads that closely?

she gave me a gift voucher for half (they were expensive trousers, which is why i had been lusting rather than purchasing).

i think you should read the women's circus emails cos entertaining (and forward the best ones to me, cos i unsuscribed when i left) and the barbican ones cos they sound suitably strange. i've gone off my kidlit elist a bit cos they're being american-centric again. again/still. it's harder to take when you're an hour's drive from america.

keep watching.


ps. you should use yr waiting time to write me a nice letter. it's your turn on that front!

Anonymous said...

yes,we are ok, chicken not lethal despite odour

yes,bad supervisor, v enthusiastic but that's as far as it goes

course coord suggested rolling over to PhD, but doesnt it need to be 50% creative and 50%... gulp... theory? am investigating, anyway

thesis due by end of July, double gulp, so thesis is panicking in its little 1917 shoes

i understood half pants meant half money, but that probably cos i'm mother and know these things

at work - last semester 2 class (shows no reaction in case of lurkers)


aunty kant said...

i think your relationship with theory is like mine with maths. quit whinging and get in there! you can totally do it, you just need to apply yrself. did a nun tell you that you couldn't do theory?

can't be too mean about supervisor - you could have started yr thesis more than a month before it was due, you know.

hope last class was fun!

aunty kant said...

you could email me and we could talk about foucault. it'd be fun!

Anonymous said...



aunty kant said...

what fooey? who fooey? me? why?

tine said...

wow ... those pants are ... and that pic is ... and you look totally ... *AHEM*


HOTTT pants, stinkface.

tine said...

oooh, and lovin the armwarmers too. armwarmers are my new loverrr.

and there was something else ... what was it ... oh yes: you have new friends! i mean obv you have had them for a while, but bear with me ... you have new friends! and they all sound so cool!! and i'm jealous that they get to see you EVERY DAY and, y'know, hang out and stuff!! argh!

i miss youuuuuuuuuuuu!!

aunty kant said...


heh. fanks.

you would love these armwarmers. gack green. with feathers. oh yes.

you have new friends, too, remember. hmph. i miss you too. you should come here. i think you'd like vancouver. but, yeah, it is kinda weird that you don't know my new peeps. what happened to the good old days when we were merged? bring me my fingerless gloves!

kisses you on the cheek.