Saturday, June 16, 2007

tuchfrau and the hardfarmer go cool places

norway sounds beautiful - i'm very jealous!


Anonymous said...

explains why tf's blog never grows


itchy fingers said...

'ello! are you still up? if so, skype me one time.
ps, ta for the header compliment!

Anonymous said...

don't be jealous. Be there.
xox tf

Anonymous said...

G: my blog never grows cos I'm too busy. AK can send you my latest email if you want to hear why.
Oh, and the other reason is I don't have a digital camera.

Anonymous said...

hope the busy is good busy, tf

i'll ask gtg and she can tell me

don't mind me nagging - i just like to travel vicariously from the comfort of my dog-infested chair


aunty kant said...

itchy - i'm up now! are you?

TF - i will! but i'm having fun here, too. i'm jealous of my excursions. :)

have forwarded email.

grotty - going places vicariously is the joy of the internet.