Monday, June 25, 2007

haircuts are the best procrastination

i've never had a mohawk before! eeee!


aunty kant said...

do you want another photo? i have a nice shot from the front, but i thought that might be too much vanity . . .

Anonymous said...

Hey Hot Stuff!!

you look awesome!

maybe I should visit your hairdresser when I return to vancouver. because as per my email, I am coming back!


love VTA

Anonymous said...

i will excise from my will any specific part of you that has a tatt

be warned, be very warned


(note absence of x)

itchy fingers said...

why g, why?

it's just skin.

aunty kant said...


you should totally visit my hairdresser. kokopellis, on the drive. it's where all the cool kids go.

see you soon! eeee!

aunty kant said...

even my "i love mom" tatt? i guess my left shoulderblade isn't going to inherit the mortage and your royalties then. . . *sigh*

thanks for yr support, itchy. you're in my will.

Anonymous said...

But I can't actually see any of the real haircut 'in shot'.


Anonymous said...


i sacrificed my young body for her perfect skin, that's why

(he he)

aunty kant said...

what was that, bbb? you want *more* vanity pics???

grotty, that's kinda creepy. stop it.