Friday, June 29, 2007

homesick food

i want:

vietnamese rice paper rolls with mint
mushroom pie from the UM coop
noodles from the best noodles in the world (ie. that hole in the wall place in the alleyway near flinders)
a pastie
flourless chocolate cake from vegie orgasm, warm with ice cream
ciabatta w pesto, tomato and bocconcini from the lygon st food store
frogs from haighs
white beans with rosemary from a minor place (with itchy)


aunty kant said...


which is not to say that there isn't great food here, but something about those foodstuffs makes me melbourne-sick.

very good vancouver food: black cherries, tiny manderines, perogies, gyzoya, strange sushi, avalon yoghurt, portabello mushrooms, uprising breads (bread, biccies, etc), bit'n'bot (a korean dish i've mispelt), frozen blueberries, etc.

Anonymous said...

oh darling!!

I Promise I will make you yummy flourless chocolate cake when I get back to good ol' Vancouver.

I have never made flourless cake, but I can do it.

AND - I will make you Anzac cookies too.


VTA xo

Anonymous said...

AND how about we have a barbie?

makeshift barbie. with skewers with pineapple pieces on them!!



itchy fingers said...

would it help at all if I consumed said goods for you? had you mentioned white beans i could've gone out this very morn'.

aunty kant said...


anzac cookies? anzac COOKIES??? everytime you use that phrase baby jesus cries.

flourless chocolate cake good. ziggy wants the recipe. barbies also good. j+r do a good barbie, but they're going back to the 'peg in august. stinkers.

gyoza king YES! and the naam and foundation?


aunty kant said...



how kind of you.

take photos.


Shelby said...

Please email your address. The Haigh's Fairy is able to post chocolate frogs to Canadian locations in case of emergencies.......please indicate a preference for dark, milk, or peppermint.

aunty kant said...

dude! that's very impressive! you should randomly email more often!

in order of perference:
dark, dark peppermint, all the rest

Anonymous said...

yes naam and fundation / foundation whatever it is called.

and by the way, baby jesus is all grown up, dead and resurrected if you hadn't heard.





aunty kant said...

had breakie at the naam thismorning for ziggy's b'day. pancakes with blueberries and maple syrup, mmmmmmm. . .

baby jesus told me to tell you that have a massive stench like cheese. so there.

Anonymous said...

stop it

or you'll go blind