Saturday, June 02, 2007

misc. photos

good photos that can't be themed.

everybody loves a pair of docs. look at the little plumes of fur between his toes:

mohitos by the jug!

and a fabulous pasta and cake dinner that VTA whipped up the other night. we had a very cultured household sit-down dinner, complete with licking the bowl and a litre of wine. um, the household is bit of a floating population. the core is s and i, but j was on the floor for a couple of weeks (and has now moved out and taken his dog with him! wah!), VTA has been on the couch a bit (very glad to have her) and s' little brother is arriving this weekend. it's a fun house. i don't know why VTA is always out of focus, but here ya go:

we even made soft shell tacos the other night, in memory of how we met (working together for four years at a mexican restaurant). they were GREAT!

it's beautifully sunny here, and *hot*, and everyone in the neighbourhood is either sitting on the front verandah or having a garage sale. today i got a nice top, two books and a rubber stamp for $2.25. i went by n's place on the way. she wasn't in, but her partner was, so he came along and bought masses of household goods and a sing a long book - we sang all the way back. and he met his next door neighbours, who were also having a garage sale. there's such a good community around the drive. everywhere you go you met people you know then people they know and so on. i really like living here.

but now i am sick as a dog and cranky about it. i think maybe i am allergic to raccoons. or maple trees. or, y'know, *me*. s made me a hot toddy and we played blocks. that helped. VTA has gone to vancouver island for a couple of days, which is exciting for her. i'm catching up on some reading. i seem to have a presentation every week at the moment, which keeps me on my toes, and i've gone back to my GRE prep, which at this point involves memorising the norton anthology and relearning all the maths i so carefully repressed after year 11.


Ellie said...

Hey godroach.

Your hair is totally fit.


Gauri said...

hey can you pleeeeease post more photos of around your house ? please ? maybe a video of you and your housemates and/or VTA (if they don't mind)? i meeess you.

aunty kant said...

dear ellie,

why yes, i do have fabulous hair. thankyou for noticing.

aunty kant

aunty kant said...


eh? EH?

what? why? it just looks like every other place except nicer. there's books and a nice squashy couch and pictures of you with pink hair.

oh i just sneezed on my screen. i disgust myself.

love aunty kant

Anonymous said...

nothing to do with that, but i presume you're barracking for Ottowa, not Anaheim, in the Stanley Cup?


aunty kant said...

yes, yes, definitely, you betcha! i have my striped beanie and facepaint all ready to go.

Jayne said...

oi you made claire cook for you AND wear an apron... good work... btw what does VTA stand for?? have come up with a few possibles but not sure they are suitable for posting... tacojayney x

aunty kant said...

yeah, thanks, jayney! she's just a sub at heart. . .

VTA is vegie taco, you filthy girl. didn't you learn yr tacos codes? though i guess FriTA is kosher.

good to see you on the interwebs! do you have a blog?

VTA and me had a great time and she kept reading me bits of yr emails, ya big alcho. i hear you might be heading to this end of the world. you should!

Jayne said...

aha veg taco... yes it should be fri ta but you would have to circle one part or dave would make a fritter! not joking...
yeh informed claire to pass on my email quips cos i can only think of so many funny things in a day and after i reply theres jus none to send you!! but i shall continue to write on this site. i have a myspace - it has some stuff but not much...
im going to uk late nov to live /work for a bit and do europe summer 08 so i jus may come for visit!! likewise if you head to europe next year we should meet up... yawn time for bed... take care buddy xx