Saturday, November 24, 2007


sorry i am awol at pres - asthma of death and pain means no talking and no concentrating. hopefully will be back soon.



Anonymous said...

get better soon
xo vta
ps. i heart greg combet

Epponnee-Rae said...

thankyou, dahling. you must be through the roof! how exciting!

greg's wiki is v.g. i see why you might feel that way. . .


jt said...

You better get better soon - Paris awaits!! Although I know why you're sick - 2 degrees and dreary - no wonder! Erk!!!
We have had lots of different headlines here. Eg: the Ruddslide Goes On, Kevin the Conquerer, Ruddy good! But in Indi the sleazy tart with the bright red lipstick, floppy hats and condescending manner still got in!
There was and 8% swing against her, but she's "not concerned". I'm just glad she will have to be unconcerned in Opposition!!!
Get well soon
Love & XXX