Wednesday, November 14, 2007

what i'm reading

it's been too long!

i judge people by their bookshelves, so i enjoy this exercise. don't know if you lot do. well?

as usual we have a mixture of teaching, "good for me" reading and plain enjoyable/fluff.

in the teaching category i'm reading the roaring girl and other plays, which are 16/17th plays about london. lots of sex jokes, which the editors have duly footnoted and translated. i'm working a lesson around this observation. . .

i'm also marking essays about anne and awake and dreaming. They're both local books - the kit pearson is set in vancouver and victoria, which is very enjoyable. apparently the author does tours of the cemetery in victoria. i'd love to go. the fat green book is perry nodelman's words about pictures, the classic picturebook criticisms book. highly recommended.

in the "good for me" category i have the fat book on the louvre (very good fun) and, yes, a children's chapter book *in* french. it's slow going but satisfying. i read it aloud and use hte pictures to help me along. next i'm going to tackle harry potter in french. i figure it's predictable and familiar enough to work.

plain enjoyable is bridget jones (always make me snort aloud), doctor dolittle and ivan coyote. i may have mentioned ivan coyote. so very good.

the end.

ps. are you reading anything fun?


itchy said...

kerry greenwood!

struggling to finish 'first among sequels.' it bores me.

also ploughing through 'the hours' and feeling guilty because it shouldn't be a plough.

that's it at the moment.

folgrot said...

reading student work - some interesting, some plain awful

Anonymous said...

The Penguin History of Britain (jolly good) and revisting Donald Woods' autobio about apartheid South Africa, because it is my favourite read.
should be reading lots more academic stuff though...
xo vta