Thursday, November 08, 2007

i'd rather stab myself in the eye with a fork than vote for the liberals OR why i love the interwebs

lookeee! from politichicks. website linked here. go. buy things.

‘Vote Liberal? My Arse!’ undies – Now in new hotsy-totsy leopard print. Wear your political heart on your backside. And let your most intimate friends know you’d rather stab yourself in the eye with a fork than vote for the Liberal Party.

'JOHN HOWARD LIES' - BLACK T shirt. Bold, simple, and cooler than fuck, our fuzzy letter-esque tees are the shit you must have during the all-important election campaign. Because if there's anything the electorate needs reminding about, it's that Our Leader is - at best - loose with the truth.

i also found this on a different site:

anyone got anything better to say about k.rudd than "he's probably not as bad as howard"? i'm kinda out of the loop.


itchy fingers said...

well, at least he speaks another language. it suggests a greater understanding of different cultures.

and he has J Guil on his team. she's my electorate's representative, btw.

maybe he'll win and then get lost at sea and J Guil can be Prime Minister instead. . .

folgrot said...

i think he's only slight less worse than he who's name i will not say

tho that great diplomat Peter garret has said that once labor gets in they will change all their stated policies - have you caught up wiht that?

Epponnee-Rae said...

itchy - yes, good point. i heard about that!

tell me more about J-Guil. doe she wear docs?

grot - oh.

hmmm. what does that policy change thing mean??? what a weird thing to say!

dolgrot said...

a bloody STUPID thing to say to a radio journalist

labor is basing its campaign on what is being called "howard lite" - or "me too"

garrett was saying we're pretending we're like HOward, but when we get in we won't be

he has made a few mistakes - he is really a liability because he has such a history of integrity etc, and now has to abandon it all

too much politics for too early