Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm working on my PhD proposal/statement of purpose, largely by cannibalising old proposals on a similar topic. My writing style has changed dramatically in the last year. Maybe it's just the effect of writing another, say, 30,000 words in the last year, or of marking (and thus reading critically) two or three times that amount of text, or even a sign of my concerted effort to damn well argue something in every essay i wrote last semester. Or maybe I'm becoming a pushy north American.


folgrot said...

pleeeese don't push us around in paris

of course you can have the big bed - bbbb and i will sleep in the tiny tree house one

folgrot said...

have you seen this site?

waste time, improve your vocab, save the world - all at once!!!

folgrot said...

i got up to 45 momentarily!

folgrot said...

i hate talking to myself

yet, i do it all the time ...

(i got up to 48 yesterday - top level is 50)

Epponnee-Rae said...

mwahahahaaaa! i am so assertive it'll make your hair curl!

however, i'm stuck on 42 rice, which is making me cranky, considering how much time and effort i put into becoming a whizz at GRE vocab games (similar concepts but slightly different vocab).

sorry you're talking to yourself. i was off having fun. why didn't one of my other readers reply? *looks stern*

are you procrastinating, by any chance?