Friday, November 30, 2007

final day of teaching

had my last classes yesterday. it's kinda sad. i'll miss the little buggers.

a bit.

and i usually run a good it turned out to be a day of evaluating. first i made all five tutorials fill in evaluation forms about me. i feel like i have a good relationship with most of my studentstutorial. they made jokes about me being for the chop - i figure that's a good sign!

i also had the prof sitting in on one class for her to evaluate me, which i'm also not worried about. it was a good class. we talked about the upcoming exam and then did a character map of the play, with a focus on class and gender and the movements between them. smelly felts and big sheets of paper are a crowd pleaser, also v. educational. we got some good discussion going in the end.

then i coordinated a lecture hall of 100 students filling in evaluations of the prof. that could have done with more forward planning on my part.

then i had a packing out office hour, mainly workshopping on thesis statements for their final essay. i like working one-on-one with students. it's very satisfying.

then i came home and did some serious chillaxing after all that being-judged.



folgrot said...

sounds good

i'll remember the smelly felts for writing picture books

Epponnee-Rae said...

can you get them in aus? you want some for christmas?