Thursday, November 22, 2007

vote the bastards out

just realised this my last chance to say please, please, vote the bastards out. no more howard, i just can't cope. often the only thing canadian activist types know about australia is that we lock up refugees in the desert and have a prick for prime minister, who the public inexplicably votes back in again and again.

and again, in song:

i would also like to make a plea for left-leaning types to give the greens first preference. as commenters on this blog have pointed out, labour isn't much better than the liberals at this point. if the greens hold the balance of power maybe they can keep the bastards honest. here's a slightly patronising video which explains how your vote for the green can still get rid of howard. or, here, go to this website and listen to lovely bob brown explaining why he's cool. also their policies totally rock. did you know they have female candidates? it's totally wild.

we all know howard's a lying rodent. do the right thing.


itchy fingers said...

aye aye, cap'n!

there's gonna be some dancing in the streets tomorrow night!

(or you will be shortly hearing of my attempts to procure New Zealand citizenship.)

BBB said...

It's just like Geelong supporters before the Grand Final, quietly confident, but keeping the lid on it.

Latest polls looking badder for Coalition, even the best poll for them (Galaxy)is 52 Labor(sic)/48 Coalition. Today's Nielson is 57/43, which would be a landslide of massive proportions.
And wonder of wonders, today's Australian has come out supporting a vote for Labor!

Hey, I read an arlicle in the Epoch Times the other day which said that your Mr Harper is going to support much need reform of the Canadian upper house. Sounds good.....

Epponnee-Rae said...

come to canada, itchy! they're nice here! though NZ probably has better politics.

bbb- i'm not quietly confident. are you? didyou decide to have an election party or not?

the australian did what? oh my.

harper is a bastard too, according to my friends here. he was the one who tried to take away gay marriage rights. booooo!