Monday, November 12, 2007


bonza week in mail surprises!

from VTA, via chicory's human:

very entertaining magnets!

lovely friendly letter from john winston (click on image to make it big enough to read, hopefully) and nummy chocolate!

from nanny, via JT:
shiny congratulation card!

from bbb and grot:
funky australiana and liz stringer cd! eeee!

from nimmersatt and the hard farmer:

glorious mountains from exciting european jaunts.

love you all! watch yr mailboxes. . .


itchy said...

aw, i wish i'd sent you something now.

do you think me a bad friend?

Anonymous said...

love you too, when are you going to paris exactly?

Epponnee-Rae said...

itchy - yup. very bad. don't love you anymore.

VTA - i will tell you on email (not public forum). magnets are hilar.

HFarmer said...

Did John Howard sent the chocolates? I assume you'll be voting for him since you now 'love us all' AND he sends chocolate. Ha! I've tried to call you twice in the last week but you've been out enjoying yourself! Hope the lecture goes well,
Love HF

Epponnee-Rae said...

oh dear, what a pity i didn't think of that chocolate-sending thing *before* i voted against him today!

is very upset.

yes, i know you've called and i'm sorry i haven't rung back! as you know, i haven't been home in the mornings. sorrrrrrrrry. friday? my friday, that is. or do we share it? anyway.

postcard v.g. i have a nice collection from you now - all mountainous and bicycley.