Thursday, November 15, 2007

electioneering meets camwhoring

see my new hair! shiny!

i trotted off the embassy after my lecture yesterday, feeling very grown up and politicised. they wouldn't let me set up my how to vote box cos they had to call sixteen million people first to check it was okay, so i have to call them tomorrow and see how it went. otherwise i'll have to find out where the expats hang in vancouver and do a poster run. or something.

i voted. that was kinda cool. but lonely. i dunno. yay for the democratic process!


folgrot said...

i'm yr mutha, so i have to tell you

i think your teeth are turning into big white american teeth

come home now!

Anonymous said...

yay for voting - it is becoming very exciting!
LOVE your hair!!

BBB said...

According to the polls, Howard is gunna go DOWN!
But as Folgrot and many others are saying, it ain't over til it's over.

Epponnee-Rae said...

ooo you're mean! bad mutha!

vta - keep me up to date. i'm becoming very nervous about this whole thing. should i invite people round for election brunch or will i need to cry alone instead?

hair is *fab*ulous, thanks for noticing! i love kokopellis!

bbb - we must have faith in the polls. . . please. . .

Gauri said...

you know hair is very attractive. (sorry i'm commenting on it so late!)

Gauri said...

you know hair is very attractive ??! i must be so tired. i meant your new hair is very attractive.