Saturday, November 24, 2007



folgrot said...

morning has broken
like the first mor-or-orning
blackbird has spoken
like the first bird

praise to the something
praise to the mor-or-orning

rudd's re-creation
of the first day

itchy fingers said...

i'm all tingly. it's like xmas and new year's rolled into one.

Hallelejuh, we are free at last!

Anonymous said...

yeah! so happy, happiness across the land.
especially because greg combet has been elected - he is a total spunk.
xo vta

BBB said...

Go Julia!

Anonymous said...

One word: Bennelong!
You should have heard the cheer at our kayaking group election party when maxine took the mike - and julia, oh julia....
Rudd's speech was pretty bloody boring but Bob Brown made up for it - he looked positively giddy!
About time!!!

Epponnee-Rae said...

i wish i could be there! thankyou all for sharing the joy.

victory has finally come!