Wednesday, August 29, 2007


this is part of my commute to feed the cats - it's like riding down a long green tunnel. very pleasant sunny weather lately. there's a pattern of sunny days in the low twenties interspersed with days of pelting rain. i can cope with that kind of summer. ah.

lordy, i feel like such a nicer person now. i slept twelve hours last night and am so relaxed. ah.

i have a masters degree!


itchy said...

looks so green and tranquil.

we are already starting to have fire ban days here.

is it warm enough to swim? you should go to the beach.

Gauri said...

congratulations, master! -bows-

Ellie said...

Yay! Congratulations :D

aunty kant said...

itchy - will do!

can't believe it's that hot over there. how awful.

gauri - thankyou, young grasshopper. *bows*

ellie - ta! yay!