Friday, August 31, 2007

my cat friends

i have been inspired by gaurox's cat posts to post about my own cat friends. actually, we're not really friends. i don't like cats very much, but everyone else has left town, so i said i'd feed them, in the spirit of community building and friendship and wotnot. actually, the cats and i regard each other with mutual suspicion:
that's puck. he's actually kinda cute. he's a half-Manx kitten, with a weird stubby half tail. his older sister is smudge. she's mean. she hisses at me when i go in to feed them. here she is checking out my boot:
anyway, i don't have to feed them anymore cos i'm going to go camping on an island off vancouver island! i'm bringing my togs and my raincoat and am busily borrowing tents and thermarests and things. huzzah for holidays! and i'm learning to identify trees, cos it's very disorientating to be a forest and not know the name of any of the plants around you. my friend bethan (who have known for ages and never gave a nickname to) is teaching me, and she's very good. so far i know: pine, fir, maple, cedar, chestnut. thus:
bethan also showed me how to stick maple keys on your nose like a rhinoceros horn, which is an integral part of every canadian childhood, apparently.

must go pack. this is still my favourite aunty-kant+cat photo. that's gaurox's cat killy, back when we lived together in yarras. ah, we look so young!

see you in a few days!


folgrot said...

puck looks cute

other one hates you so much the foto didn't come up on our computa

bbb wants to know the name of the island off vancouver i

max and I have not forgiven killy for *the incident*

plants look interesting - i couldn't identify them

Ellie said...

Killy looks terrified in that last picture! What were you doing to him??

aunty kant said...

folgrot - oh well, not missing much. i'll get some more photos of chicory soon. he is much more photogenic.

i don't blame max for his grudge.

i could teach you the trees! i learnt a new one on the weekend - arbutus. it has twisty red trunks somewhat like a gum.

aunty kant said...

ellox - i was balancing him on my head. stupid.