Friday, August 17, 2007


done! i'm going to see mia dyson!


Anonymous said...

is her new CD out? heard her earlier in the year saying it would be out in August - was going to buy it for you, but now you can buy a signed copy yourself.

where is she on?

make sure you yell out 'g'day digger' very loudly from under your cork-bobbing hat


aunty kant said...

new cd is out on the 20th, but not in canada, apparently. she promised she'd try and get it released here. hpmh.

she was at "the media club" which was a little bar downtown with a little stage.

i painted my face up in green and yellow instead. that okay?


Anonymous said...

well what a coincidence! today is the 20th. Will you buy it online, or shall I send it with Liz Stringer?


aunty kant said...

can't buy it online - no credit card. and all my friends are as deathly poor as myself so i can't borrow their credit cards (it's $400 overdrawn, squeals winifred!)

thankyou, mother dearest. i will look after you well in your dotage.