Friday, August 24, 2007

picturebooks for toddlers

what the twins and i read (over and over and over again). they have a very long attention span for two year olds - such a good audience! they particularly enjoyed outside over there, even though it is a bit scary, hello, sailor (which is a sweet, sad story) - now they say "sailor" with an australian accent (bwahahaa!) and kaz cooke's stories about wanda-linda and glenda - it's a hairy nose wombat!

i do like reading to children, even though my entire picturebook collection is now covered in toddler spit - i'd say "can you see mama/the kitten/rosie/max?" and they'd take their little fingers out of their mouths and smear them on the appropriate part of the page. such clever girls!


Anonymous said...


good one!!

xo vta

folgrot said...

i promise not to get toddler spit on my new Michael Ondaatje poetry book

thank you darling daughter (in the water, everything she knows i torta)

lots of lovely images - not sure what he's talking about some of the time, but since when has poetry been about meaning? (to quote a poetry lecturer i once had)


tine said...

awww, lian and babies! practising, are we??!

tine said...

p.s. i've accepted that yes, i am, in fact, now a certified hack based on the following 3 'oh my god i'm a HACK!' moments:

1. i got ridiculously stupidly excited when my friend showed me the numbers program her faction uses to calculate votes needed, percentages, etc. at NUS level. the program included a DEAL CALCULATOR, where you could factor in potential deals and see whether the potential votes gained would make a deal worth it. i was SALIVATING over it.

moment 2: the alp negotiator told me he couldn't preference us for a particular position because the alp students' national headkicker told him not to, and so i then spent the rest of the afternoon trying to track down a friend of mine who has sway within the alp students, so we could have an "off the record chat" (exactly my words) about just how non-negotiable this national order was.

moment 3: the first thing pencilled in my diary for monday morning (27th sep), when i'll be in sydney for court, is to call melb and get someone to read out the official list of distribution of preferences to me (they come out on mon).

yep, i'm a hack. and i'm makin peace with it. *feels queasy*

aunty kant said...

vta- isn't it hilar?? i am so proud of myself. and they corrected miriam's pronunciation of "kipper". they were all "no! it's kippah!" haha

folgrot - good girl. don't spill your milk on it, either.

glad you like it. i didn't think you had that volume.

love tortadorta

tine - yes, yes i am. want to make babies with me? i'll get ya a green card!

hack hack, hackhackhak! glad you have finally come to peace with yourself. are you having a coming out party?

you're a great hack, and i love you.

folgrot said...

goody, goody, yr blog can now host an *insider* commentary of the hup-coming election

go tine - some peope I know (bbb) are as obsessed as you seem to be - tell all!

aunty kant said...

um, folgrot, i think tine is talking about student elections. sorry to get your hopes up. (NUS = national union of students.)

folgrot said...

bum - trying to find someone who cares as much as b for him to talk to

can't you just pretend you care?