Tuesday, August 28, 2007

the master in relief


folgrot said...

how dit go?

aunty kant said...

done! finished!

the defence went okay. my supervisor had some hard questions and some not so hard questions. i waved my hands a lot and said "right, so. . . " and "that's beyond the scope of this paper". all very standard. then we had wine.

now what do i do?

itchy said...


*bows to the Master*

I'll have two (or three) extra drinks for you tonight!

folgrot said...

huzzah 2!!!

now you go earn money for gay Paree!

aunty kant said...

itchy - thanks1 *bows in return*

how were the drinks?

folgrot - yes, good plan. i have been reading "let's go europe!" and "gulliver's travels" (part of earning money). love