Friday, August 31, 2007

critical mass (still) rawks!

some roadside repairs:
see how butch! (why, yes, those are fairy wings i'm wearing.) thanks for the patch kit, bbb. it's proved its worth many a time.


BBB said...


folgrot said...

i see in the sat Age that overalls are the hot item this season - i'll drag my old green cord ones out and send them over

JT said...

Fancy that - a Master (in fairy wings) who knows how to fix a puncture!!! Congratulations!!!!
Speaking of fairies ... we have the Simultaneous Story Time on Thursday. The book this year is Mem Fox's The Magic Hat. We do it in the library for the Child Care students and also all the kids from the creche. I am to be the wizard, so am busy getting all the gear together. Will send a photo next week.

aunty kant said...

folgrot - you do that! not that i'll fit them. stupid 70s when everyone was thin.

jt - thankyou! i wait impatiently for the photo - what fun!

Anonymous said...

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