Sunday, August 12, 2007

it could be you!

it's very quiet in the comments - don't be shy!

to encourage the studio audience and make me feel less stuck-alone-in-the-study-bubble i propose another competition. tell me your best study related procrastination story. tell me about the all-nighter you pulled in year ten, the conference presentation you finished while listening to the presenter before you, the HECS exam you took after a couple of tokes. i want to hear about the lesson plans written by torchlight in a tent and the grounds on which you wrangled extensions on your phd thesis. go back in your past as far as you want (aunties, this means you!) and do be anonymous if news of your professional slackness may jeopardise your tenure. go!

the story judged the most amusing, heart wrenching or impressively desperate wins a block of ritner sport chocolate, a packet of instant noodles and a copy of my written up scrawled on tear stained draft. (anon entrants can reveal their identities via. email)

help me through this difficult time!


itchy said...

i'm sure there are thousands of more impressive stories than this, but it is the only one i can remember at the moment.

i left one of my VCE essays until two nights before it was due without even thinking about the topic (it was an opinion rather than research based piece.) that night, i dreamed of writing the essay, a nightmarish dream where it was difficult to type and sentences didn't make sense and then the computer crashed and i lost it all, was unable to retype it due to loss of use of my hands, etc. however, in my dream i knew exactly what i wanted to write.

when i woke up i remembered the arguments I had been unable to express in the dream and ended up writing the essay in about two hours.
i got a good mark for it too, and with no (conscious) effort on my part.
the end.

aunty kant said...

huzzah! that is hilarious! and that is was successful is even better!

a lecturer from MU told us a story where the solution to this nasty problem he had in his thesis was acted out in mime in a dream. mime. love it.

thanks, itchy!

Ann O'Dyne said...

A Lurker here ...

I am in Victoria Australia and housesitting.

Next January I will be sitting for a woman who is going to canada for a wedding.
Canada in January ?
When even the bear rugs are too snowed-in to growl!

Anonymous said...

why, this very day i went to my MA supervisor, having previously sent him my first draft, a document not even read ONCE through by me,

and he said

'before i tell you the bad news, the good news is i got you a three month extension so you can do this properly'


aunty kant said...

hi ann, nice to meet you! your friend should have an interesting time in canada in january, though it does, of course, depend which bit of canada she's in. vancouver is unlikely to be snowed, but winnipeg will be -20!

aunty kant said...


WOOT! that is so exciting!

now get to work! i will be available for editing/commenting in sept. i will make up for the lack of helpful advice so far. . .


aunty kant

JT said...

I never procrastinated - I just never did homework in my day!!!
I was too busy drooling over photos of Normie Rowe and George Harrison and Herman's Hermits, and planning my outfits for the next disco!!!!
We used to have to learn 2 or 3 pages of whatever to stand up and recite off the next day. I used to be able to learn it really quickly, while the other girls were reciting theirs, commit it to memory just long enough for me reel it all off when it was my turn, then promptly forget it. Sr. Rita must have woken up to this and everafter she asked me first!! I didn't care that I hadn't done it and had exercise books filled with lines about doing homework and being "bold".

aunty kant said...

ooo you're bad! i hope judy never found out!

i wish i had your memory. i'm terrible at that sort of memorisation.

thanks, jt!

itchy said...

is it me? prizes, etc?