Tuesday, August 21, 2007

bbb skiing

some photos from the paternal figure's latest ski trip: action man doing fabulous ‘tele’ in the snowy mountains

on top of Mt Jagungal

i suggest making the photos big by clicking on them.

bbb reports: "Had a great trip – excellent snow and weather became better as went along." it looks like fabulous fun - wish i was there!


Anonymous said...

Lots of 'yee hah'ing going on that day!


JT said...

Snow ... YUK!!! But what a fine figure of a man!!!

Anonymous said...

i was there, i was there, but i was behind a rock when the photos were taken


aunty kant said...

bbb - yay! looks like fun.

jt - no, snow is yay! and don't give me trauma.

grot - yes, yes you were. (you want i photoshop you in?)