Wednesday, August 08, 2007

they were delicious

look what i found when i was walking the dog! it's berry season - everywhere you go there's bushes covered in 'em. i picked these ones into a little lemon-scented bag i happened to be carrying. . . then walked along eating them from the bag just to freak out passers-by.

a mate of mine came round the other night bearing a blueberry pie made from berries she'd picked that morning. yum and a half.

i wrote 500 words of introduction last night, setting out my terms and argument. yes, that's right, argument. my aim for this semester - have a clear argument in everything i write - has been achieved, i think. now all i gotta do is whip up the other 3'500 words or so, then get going on the victorian paper. we had our last meting yesterday. i gave a slightly dodgy presentation on "goblin market' and various masochistic poems by swinburne, and we had good talks about the relationship between pleasure and morality, and a long and depressing conversation about the position of married women in the era. they had no rights *at all*. but it was a good class, lively discussion, as always. then we took the prof out for drinks as thankyou for directing our reading in such a friendly and productive fashion. i drank bubbly and we compared our undergrad experiences and talked about the subject three of us are working on next semester. i found out what else i'm teaching - introduction to fiction again. so that's a first year subject, and the second year one on victorian literature. i'm quite looking forward to it.

best get back to the essays. due to a slight lack of naprogesic being readily available in this city (perscription medication my bum!) i haven't achieved much this morning.


itchy said...

hey are you on the 'net for a while?

wold love an email 'chat' with you if possible.

aunty kant said...

yeah, gofurrit! i will be intermittent, though. i've got 1129 words now, and am in The Zone.

Ellie said...

OMG. Fresh berries.

I demand you pick some more and turn them into a rustic tart. Num.

aunty kant said...

i don't do baking. smacks of effort also am big important academic. but i can outsource and take a photo for you. would that do?

they are extra num. you shoulda tasted the blueberry pie. OMG.

Anonymous said...

why eating berries from bag freaking out people?


aunty kant said...

cos it was a little lemon scented poo-bag. and berries in the bag form a sort of poo-shaped and -sized clump. . .

ps. yr comments don't come up on my email anymore, v. odd, so sorry it's taking me a while to respond. i have to find them manually. tisk.