Thursday, August 16, 2007

blueberry pancakes are a thing of goodness

for the ellox:
deliciously scrumptious blueberry pancakes, from blueberries handpicked from a secret spot. not my doing (i was wandering round the kitchen reading the section about veiling in Feminist Postcolonial Theory: A Reader in hopes of being able to apply it to Bleak House), but i helped eat them. hope this will do in lieu of pie!

and a cryptic message for VTA:

i have written 3000 words of my victorian essay, which i think is very impressive. they're not much good, though if i keep up this pace i should be able to do a thorough drafting before friday. i'm tired, but putting the essay together is intellectually satisfying. i'm gradually working out where the pieces fit, and i think i even have something new to say about the novel. it's rough writing essays on the canon - everything has already been said.

this morning involved, as well as pancakes and syrup, a friend of ziggy's stopping by to pick up some stuff (i got to hold her very cute baby), and winifred dropping by for a game of scrabble. i also have glow in the dark sponge bob squarepants bandaids for the hole in my toe. the moral of the story is: don't try to brake the bicycle with your feet if you're only wearing thongs.


itchy fingers said...

so so so lovely to speak to you today.

turns out that when i claim to an employer i am sick, it really happens. every time. have feverishness and heating on way too high.
meeting stef for dinner/film and can't pike because it is already booked gold class.

but am planning on sleeping for most of tomorrow so there's a bright side.

Anonymous said...

ooooh thank you!!! how lovely


Aunty JT said...

I can almost taste the pancakes. Drooool - real maple syrup - how nice would that be!!
God I'm glad I dont have to write essays!!!!

Anonymous said...

kiss for sore toe - x


aunty kant said...

itchy - yes, v.g. to hear your voice. hope you're feeling better now. sleep is goooooooood.

vta - glad you enjoyed! thank You!

aunty jt - mmmmm. they were *very* good. oh, essay writing is so bad. sometimes. it's better if you don't have to do it in such a hurry, but dates and things all conspired against me this semester.

grot - thankyou!