Thursday, August 23, 2007

everyone loves a folding canoe

folbot, grot, sky, archie and max

(thanks, grot - looks like fun! you two are all sporty n stuff)


Anonymous said...

Grot can take all 3 dogs in the Greenland II....
Name the boat.
The camper trailer is the Golly


aunty kant said...


(is this a new competition? if so, you're on prizes!)

itchy said...

please don't try to take it from tassie to new zealand.
just don't.

Folbot Grot said...

trust, itchy, trust

if we get into very big waves, the dogs will pull us to safety

try that with a cat!

aunty kant said...

"the dog sled"? ooo - what is the name of the moomintroll boat? you should name it after that!