Tuesday, July 17, 2007

department picnic

the next day (saturday) was an english department picnic for three members of faculty who are leaving (including my renaissance prof: *wibbles*). it was the best fun. i rode out to the beach, which took about an hour, along that beautiful coast line, then spent hours running around with small children, making sandcastles, digging holes, networking, playing tiggy, eating cake and trying to keep my dacs dry while wading. it was very nice to hang out with the academic types in a non-academic setting, though my caribbean prof threatened to drop my mark after i splashed him.
that night VTA arrived back in van. yay!


itchy said...

aw, all your carefree summery fun is reminding me of that Black Books episode where Bernard is desperate for a summer girlfriend and Manny has Dave's syndrome.

'and in the autumn, i'll dump her, because she's my summer girl!'

aunty kant said...

uh, thankyou?

i have to see if i can find black books here. my housemate would love it. ah, so funny. . .