Wednesday, July 18, 2007

vancouver folk festival

on sunday i went to the vancouver folk festival. it was ace. there were eight stages all scattered through a large fenced off area on the coast, so one stage was in the bush and another had views out to the sea, the city and the mountains. have i mentioned what a beautiful city this is?

we saw some amazing music, from gospel to intense throat singing, funky folk, stories about union history, sea songs, spoken word, punjabi music and the _the be good tanyas_. this is bitch and the exciting conclusion (note max from _the L-word_ playing the keyboard):

lots of friends in the crowd, and lots of friends-of-friends, and their work mates, choir friends, ex-roomies and mothers. see VTA and chicory's human!
it was a slightly younger crowd than port fairy, and the completely outdoor setting meant crowding wasn't as much an issue. beautiful sunny weather, not too hot.

the night concert was beautiful. ziggy baggsed a big spot near the front, and the weather put on a show. here are some photos i stole from the internet:

this one you have to click on and make big. purty.

another very good day!


aunty kant said...

this was the setting for the cartwheeling, btw, and why i was too tired to write even a little paragraph about it!

Anonymous said...

wow - big fun - maybe even more than pfff!


aunty kant said...

oh, i don't know if i'd go that far! but here you can duck out and go for a paddle anytime - without your feet freezing solid!