Thursday, July 05, 2007

my first birthday card!

thankyou tuchfrau and HF!


HF said...

Hope you have a good one!

itchy said...

aargh, i'm getting worried about your parcel. it's been more than two weeks now, and aus post says it only takes 5-7 working days.

hope i didn't get the address wrong!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuchfrau said...

Happy birtday. Oim being oirish because oI forgot to toipe in the 'h' in birtday.

(Now I understand why English literature is so full of phonetically rendered accents. Because there are so many of them around!)

Glad you're please w. the card. (I think that typo might be wiv a London accent.)

Was super talking to you last night.


Anonymous said...

This is going to be stretched out b'day celeb, starting nice and early.... but I guess it only comes round once a year, doesn't it??

BTW, pseudo daughter does the most dreadful farts, esp powerful in small zone space. Struggling to breathe.... aargghhh. blerrrrr,


aunty kant said...

HF- thanks!

itchy - i keep telling you australia post is hopelessly optimistic! i allow one or two weeks to get stuff to aus.though things have certainly improved since my parcels don't get gobbled up by the res office anymore.

anyway, it came! huzzah! pic soon.


my, what a lovely oirish accent you have! i feel all cosmopolitan.

card is v.g. the little girl looks so happy and the pink is so shiny. poifect!


bbb, birthday! me! birthday! though i seem to remember that it is somebody else's birthday very soon. . .

what are your plans?

sorry to hear about pseudo-daughter.


Ellie said...

Happy birthday, hot stuff!

aunty kant said...

thankyou ellie, dahling.