Saturday, July 07, 2007

durian gelati

how could i forget? i had durian gelati! it was the weirdest stuff ever!

i have been wanting to try durian since first semester, when i wrote that essay on the novel _salt fish girl_ by larissa lai, which features durians heavily (and is an ace book if you can get yr hands on it). but durians are kinda hard to find and difficult to prepare cos of the Massive Stench.

on wednesday winifred and i went out after caribbean class, as we do most weeks, and decided we had to get gelati, cos hot. there's a huge pink gelati place tucked in an industrial zone about ten minutes ride from my house. middle of nowhere, packed out with customers, obnoxiously chirpy accordion music playing. they have 250 flavours. i had durian and pomegranate.

it wasn't very nice, but now i've tried it.


Tuchfrau said...

Dear legless lina,
Course we got cherries! Aren't vere English folk songs about 'em? Aren't vey English? Anyhoo, what fruit can't you get on Por'obello Road? Dorlin'.
As to where they are grown, I've not asked, but the stall holders will know, so I can find out. Their fruit comes from many lands.
TF who just gorged herself on ricotta and berries and French cheese.

aunty kant said...

dear tuchfrau,

don't mock my disability!

yes, true, true. how could i forget that? (fabulon accent!)

ricotta and berries and french cheese oh my!