Wednesday, July 18, 2007

a photo from grotty

it snowed all day back home, but didn't stay on the ground. purty photo, grotty, ta!


HFarmer said...

Hello aunty, loving all your pics, especially the ones of the festival - it looked so much fun!

Anonymous said...

sculpture by gtg, snow by a stingy god

aunty kant said...

thankyou, hardf! lovely to see you reading/commenting. the festival was fun! such good music!

aunty kant said...

mmm, one of my less successful sculptures. you didn't get a photo of the angry women?

hey, snow for a whole day in the 'dale is hardly stingy!

Anonymous said...

i'm very fond of this sculpture - i like its relaxed feel of a person lounging in the grasses

birds poo on it and it collects snow, frost and rain in its lap

angry women are .... angry - snow was seared off them on landing