Wednesday, July 11, 2007


i just got a job!


JT said...

You cant just say
"I got a job" and leave it at that!!! Where??? Doing what???
Salary???? Do you have to sign an AWA (or a CWA)???
Love the hair-do - makes you look like Anne of Green Gables!!!
Lots of Love

Anonymous said...

I'm with JT. Please 'share' with your public.


tine said...

huzzah!! money can be delightful!

itchy fingers said...

go you!

Gauri said...

tell us ! tell us things !

Hard Farmer said...

Hello and happy birthday aunty-green-gables!

Hope you have a lovely day and congrats about the job (whatever it is! your coyness with information is an extreamely good way to get your readership to write you comments!) .

Smuggled abstract/conceptional art masqurading as pink wobat poo must be the best present ever -ictchy rocks.

aunty kant said...


hah! we canadians spit upon AWAS!

the hair do was actually a present from VTA who was visiting PEI - it is an anne of green gables wig! apparently parts of the island are like a theme park. i'd love to see it.

aunty kant

aunty kant said...

bbb and gauri - see next entry.

tine and itchy - yes, and thankyou. *bows*

aunty kant said...


ooo, i like aunty-green-gables! maybe i will steal it!

bday not til tomorrow, but thankyou kindly. i intend to have a lovely day.

yes, wasn't it a good strategy? i think i will never explain anything fully again. half-truthes, here we come!

lots of love