Tuesday, July 24, 2007

wombats don't play quidditch

jewellery! (pretty green earrings c/o cousin snef, with venice beads, and fabulous wombat necklace from JT - so cute! thankyou!)
vegan cheese cake! (from rhizome on broadway)

essay drafting!

so i got the proposal done (including massive bibliography i've yet to read any of) and did a major draft of my major paper. i'm pretty happy with the way that essay is put together now (this is the women's studies one about _this bridge we call home_), but the drafting process was long. luckily i had someone saying "here's your wine, now go to your room and *work*. i'll call you when dinner's ready." love ya, VTA!

we have been eating *so* well, and have gyoza plans for tonight, with ziggy (current housemate), chicory's human (ex-housemate), his mother, winifred and various others. VTA and i have also been enjoying lots of bubbly, and lots of random wandering round the drive, trying on vegan shoes (v. spunky but also v. expensive) and buying local organic fruit and veg.

um, what else? we went to a drunken party at anne's old place, which turned out to be full of melbournianians. that was interesting. oh yes, winifred and i spent a whole day riding around in the *pissing* down rain, going to our victorian class out in kits then back to our caribbean class, held this week in a caribbean restaurant off main st. that was kinda fun, in a butch way. god we were wet, though. it's been raining a lot.

there was another drive festival - wooot! VTA and i bumped into everyone we know and looked at all the pretty people and pretty things. i bought some bicycle merchandise and a new taillight cos someone swiped my old one. uncool. but ziggy is friends with the owner of the local bikeshop, so it was cool to support his business. hmmm. aunty kant, arbitrator of cool?

between all the gallivanting and domesticity i have been studying hard and procrastinating like a fiend. i read three novels in two days, including that doorstop book everybody's banging on about. it was okay. my child_lit elist has gone gaga, and i'm reading frantically just trying to keep the number of unread emails under 100. they're providing good critical feedback, which is nice.

i wanna put my bed on stilts.


JT said...

Glad the wowmbat and earrings FINALLY made it!!
You certainly do appear to be having a good time. It's a shame you have to study so hard!!!
Nothing even slightly interesting is happening here.
White, white frost this morning but sun peeping through.
Spring in 5 weeks!!!
(one day I will comment on something other than the weather and the cold!!!)

itchy fingers said...

you exist! well done, work hard, etc. i have most of three weeks off. so far they have been full of glorious sunshine and amusing activities. now, i'm off for lunch with my mama. . .

aunty kant said...

jt, yes! i love the wombat! it's so cute! and i can explain to people what they look like now.

i will stop studying so hard in a month. phew. (and start studying fairly hard and working very hard. . .)

that's okay - i like to keep up to date with the weather back home. you may continue!

aunty kant said...

hi itchy, thankyou for congrats. will continue to work hard.

glad ot hear you've been gallivanting. where did this sunshine come from?

give my love ot your mama.