Friday, July 06, 2007

urg. it's hot. it's eating cherries and wearing skirts hot. i just got back from meeting a friend on the drive. she had a martinti with a twist, i had champagne with flakes of gold in it, we did some half-arsed shopping and then got gelati. the perfect afternoon.

now i'm going to read _the autobiography of harriet martinaeu_, _story of an african farm_ and some critical work, then totter down to the postoffice and pick up my SECOND PARCEL FOR THIS WEEK!

my meeting with my supervisor yesterday went well. i was worried he was going to bawl me out, cos of this draft being a painful thing of pain and procrastination, but he liked it! he said it was a good draft and i had taken his suggestions well. he gaveconcrete suggestions for improvement and wrote all over the draft, and suggested a few more books to look at. then we had a nice chat about where we're from and what i'm going to do for my birthday and where i should do my phd. a very satisfactory meeting. i'm to do another draft by the 23rd of july then send it off to my secondary supervisor person.

yesterday i went for a ride round false creek again, which was lovely. we had a paddle in the sea, and it was warm. but the water was kinda murky. hmm. oh, and critical mass happened again! oh, it is such the best fun! there were 1800 ppl! check this out. the camera work's kinda shoddy (not my doing), but it gives you an idea of the scale:

more cherries.


Anonymous said...

heloooo, helooo, what passes for an internet connection in rural Oz, about as broad as a black snake's belly, means that it is taking forever to load the photos, so I'm in this space to just say hello, ans say well done, again on good draft. Psuedo daughter is playing around my feet getting a ball, and (again) doing the most dreadful farts,....
Sounds like a an actual working supervisor.


itchy fingers said...

since when do you own a skirt?

Tuchfrau said...

mmm cherries.

aunty kant said...

bbb- yes, i couldn't believe it when grotty said youse don't look at all my fabulous pictures! how can you admire my hair properly? and my postcards? and all the mountains? aaargh!

sorry the interwebs are still screwing you round. time to get a satelite dish, methinks.

yes, he seems like a good supervisor. v.g. i've missed having a supervisor.

love aunty kant

aunty kant said...

itchy - since i embraced my femme side. *blows raspberry*

tuchfrau - yes, they're delicious! they come from california or from BC (ie. my state) and are fat and juicy and to be eaten in great quantities. are there cherries in london? where does yr fruit come from?

itchy fingers said...

hey, my second comment disappeared, which was

'it looks very nice, b.t.w'

stupid disappearing comments.

*puts raspberry on top of a slice of pavlova and enjoys.*

Anonymous said...

notice how the photo of skirt cut off before the legs?

SHE HAS NO LEGS, just little wheels that zoom her around

thought it was time youse all knew the truth


aunty kant said...

aaargh! my cover blown!