Saturday, July 28, 2007


i am woefully behind on the birthday thankyous. which doesn't mean i didn't love getting your cards and presents and good things, just that i've been busybusybusy. so here are some more of the fabulon packages that have been appearing in the mail:

from grotty and bbb:

very useful bag

purty card

his holiness

smelly things

xavier rudd's latest. as recorded in BC! it's very good. i have been playing it at anyone who comes over, prompting questions such as "is that a digie-thingie he's playing?"

and from jt:
we've been there! (wineglass bay in tassie)

i feel like a hand model. except a really grotty one.

from the gauroxen:

mix cd (i read bits of this and the card to ziggy, my housemate, and she said "she talks like you!" and i said "we lived together for a *long* time")


and cadburys! australian cadburys (it tastes different). the dolfin is from cassandra. i am doing very well with fancy chocie atm. see what VTA left:
chocolate bicycle from dutch girl chocolates, down the road.

also from cassandra rae:
more australiana

funky map of melbs i'm going to stick above my bed

i feel special and loved!


Gauri said...

was the cadbury's melted to buggery ? i only remembered about it being summer there after i left the post office! ha. also, i wanted to get you an actual birthday present in time for your birthday (as alluded to in the card), and i thought i'd be very clever and order it online from america so shipping to canada would be peanuts and it would get there quickly besides, BUT the stupids never placed my order, so you may get it in october. sorry. but you'll love it.

aunty kant said...

heh. melted to buggery. haven't heard that phrase in a long time. ta!

um, no, it wasn't. it was fine and delicious! it's not very summer at the moment, but it has stopped raining. so.

yay actual present! i look forward to it in october. your actual present is, um, a twinkle in its progenitor's eye. . .

thankyou for thingsssssss! i keep getting "mama" stuck in my head.

Gauri said...

mama is like that. naughty mama. i have started a game of scrabulon.. scrabulon ? scrabulous ! that's right. scrabulous. i have started a game of scrabulous with you. i go to bed now.