Sunday, July 01, 2007

happy canada day!

my friends are being all
"disgusted by all this flag-wavin'."
"oh wow - Canada Day, whoo hoo patriotism."

but as a New-Canadian i'm allowed to be excited and not deconstruct the nationalistic urge. i have an entire outfit of red and white and a toy beaver waving a maple leaf flag. ;) i am celebrating by working on my essay, going to a origami folding fundraiser thingy and dancing with gay ppl.

oh! it is also cannabis day! happy cannabis day!


Anonymous said...

stop it

or you'll go blind


Anonymous said...

Wow, talk about drape yourself in the flag! Isn't the beaver a bit over the top?
Awwwww, isnit cute? Wow Thelma lookit the squrel.


aunty kant said...

the website i swiped this from implied it was taking the piss a little bit. (taking the piss is one of the australianisms i'm spreading, with some success)

i saw another raccoon the other day. i chased it down the street. so cute!

Anonymous said...

I so stole this image and posted it on my blog today.

Happy Canada Day!